This morning we all woke up to a dreary, rainy start to the day, though we didn’t let this dampen our spirits and we head out on t amazing walks in the surrounding countryside. 

For our first walk, we set off from the Nightingale Centre and went south east through the muddy fields towards Foolow and then looping back to the Nightingale Centre. For our second walk we went north west to Little Hucklow and the looped around to Windmill and then back to the Nightingale centre. 

While we were on the walk, we discovered that Maddie was hiding a hidden talent, a cow whisperer! With a little encouragement from Maddie, she was able to summon a whole heard of cows who quickly began a conversation with her. 

The children are now having a well deserved rest before another delicious tea and relaxing afternoon. 

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