This week, the Year 6s (after powering through SATs) have been researching, designing and finally constructing their very own bird boxes for their D&T structures project.  They researched other designs like tents & umbrellas on Monday to identify purpose, user and materials chosen et cetera.  They then transferred this critical thinking to their own design (thinking about materials required and how to build it).  After this, they drew a 2D plan view of their bird box design with accurate dimension required but the fun and physical part happened today.  Throughout the day, both 6T and 6F popped down to Forest School to cut, mark and drill the sides, fronts, backs and lids of their own bird box.  6T even managed to get back to class and start to ‘weatherproof’ their product with some varnish.  Final steps will be to fix it all together (with many screws) and evaluate the design – I’m sure they won’t be too critical of their own creations… 

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