Today, 8 lucky Year 4 boys and girls were taken down to Fisher More High School to take part in a Boccia event!

Firstly, the children had a curling warm up where they were put into 2 groups of 4 and had to compete against each other to see who could get the closest to the blue circle with Karis winning it for her team every time!

Next up was the main event! The children were again split into teams of four and they had to compete against each other in their group to see who could get the closest to the white ball (The Jack). With the trio of MJ, Karis and Declan all either coming  CM’s away or infact actually hitting the Jack.

While the other schools were having a go at the Boccia Park had the opportunity to team up with another school that was there (Lord Street) where they played different games with the parachute. Out of all the games they played though their favorite game was most defiantly ‘Cat and Mouse’ this was enjoyed by all and it had all the children engaged and both schools working as a team.

As they event was coming to and end all the schools had a few friendly races where each child (and teacher) had one shot to try and get the closest to the blue circle.

Overall, all the children had an amazing time and I’m sure they will all be jumping at the chance to play Boccia again.

Behaviour was amazing and all the children were a credit to the school

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