School Angel

How can you help?

Parents/Carers and in fact anyone in our local community who follows the link to Park Primary Schools landing page on the School Angel website and then visit your chosen retailer from a link on our page will automatically contribute to our school fund raising. The really great news is that this costs you absolutely nothing! Yes that is right you can help with school fund raising by simply doing your normal online shopping from the retailers that support the scheme and you have done your bit for our fund raising. BUT its really important to remember that you should ALWAYS visit Park Primary Schools’ page on School Angel first and then follow the provided links from there – this is how we get credited with sending you to shop at your selected retailer.

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These are the online retailers who are currently supporting this scheme – you will see that there are many leading brands that you will be using already – so you have nothing to lose and the children at Park Primary have everything to gain – so please support us!

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