Today, Park Primary children went to Liverpool to play a girls’ cricket competition.  It was a full day outdoor event in the blistering heat.  The rest of the teams were all Year 6s but our school had Year 4s and 5s.

To summarise, we played 3 games but unfortunately lost all three.  However, we progressed with our batting and fielding throughout the day, but we did struggle with our bowling, which ultimately was why we lost 2 of the 3 games.

Altogether, the team have made a lot of progress and Mr Farry and Mr Byrom (Senior) are happy with us girls.  A big focus on bowling technique next year girls!

Ruby Gill 5F.

Mr D. Farry

Mr D. Farry

Hi my name is Mr. Farry, I am the new Year 5 teacher in Class 5W. I have a strong passion for Arts, Design and Technology and Languages. This often reflects in the classroom giving children opportunities to shine in subjects other than Maths and English.
Mr D. Farry

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