Today Park Primary School celebrated our second Autism Awareness Day. We have 5 children who are diagnosed with ASD . The day started with Year 3 sharing their assembly called “It’s OK to be be different ” The children have done lots of research about autism and made some amazing art work and calligrams. Our visitor in school was Julia Pilkington, who was diagnosed with ASD nine years ago as an adult. Julia met for coffee and a chat with other parents and talked to our Year 5/ 6 children. The whole school were involved in a variety of activities, including designing jigsaws, information leaflets and posters. The dinner ladies supported us by making jigsaw shaped biscuits for lunch. Thankyou to all those children who dressed in pink and purple to symbolise autism.We hope you like the jigsaw puzzle your child has designed as a reminder of our day. Mrs Turner (Senco ) was really pleased with how much the children learnt today and emphasised “It’s ok to be different .”



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