Eating in class ?!

Eating in class ?!

Classwork This week Year 4 have been taking part in a Science experiment . They have been investigating how quickly different chocolate buttons melted. Our results showed that the Giant Chocolate buttons melted first because they were thinner and covered a larger surface area...
by Jan 19, 2021
Park Primary gives back

Park Primary gives back

News Today Year 4 delivered 9 Christmas hampers to the Open  Door charity in Colne. The children have been collecting food items instead of receiving an advent gift from the calendar each day . We originally aimed to collect two hampers but the children were so generous...
by Dec 16, 2020

Looking forward to 2021

Classwork The children in 4T have been very busy making their calendars. The Indonesian technique we used is called batik and involved melting wax and drawing out the picture with the hot liquid. This cooled very quickly and we then painted on dye which was resisted by the wax....
by Dec 11, 2020
My Teacher/My Hero

My Teacher/My Hero

Enrichment On Friday the children at Park Primary celebrated My Teacher/ My Hero by wearing their home made rosettes. The Building Bridges project had the idea of saying thankyou to teachers every Friday by the children creating their own rosettes . On the last Friday  the...
by Dec 6, 2020

Advent Reversed

News During advent 4T have decided to think about giving , rather than receiving.Instead of getting a gift from the advent calendar we are doing a reverse advent in which we are bringing items to make a Christmas hamper .The food hamper will go to the Open Door Charity in...
by Dec 3, 2020

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