Thankyou Park Primary

Events Well done to all the staff and children at Park Primary School who have carried on their learning with smiles on their faces. The children have been supporting their community and making banners and messages to all our keyworkers. Thankyou to all the children and...
by Mar 27, 2020

Wednesday Warriors

Enrichment Today’s Wednesday Warriors have been busy painting an important message. Today they managed to exercise both their bodies and brains in the sunshine. The children sent messages to all the key workers near to school. # Stay safe apart to stay together !
by Mar 25, 2020

# Be Kind

News This week our ABA ( Anti-bullying Alliance ) have been encouraging children to make a conscious effort to be kind to everyone. This means using kind words and being mindful in our actions. The children are recording their actions and thinking ahead of how to prevent...
by Mar 4, 2020

Social Justice for all !

Classwork This week Year 4 have started their new global theme – Social Justice and Equity. They have been discussing how fairness may not always mean equal treatment. Look at the picture and decide if you know the difference between equality and equity.
by Feb 28, 2020

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