On Thursday, our year 5s visited Park High School, working with some year 7s to complete some maths and science challenges:

“All year 5 went to Park High School. We did maths and science activities, but first we made our own rockets! At first, my group – the Sausage Seagulls – were a bit slow but then we soon got faster. My group, including myself, Ashton, Brandon and Bradley H, and everyone else went outside to launch our rockets!”  – Bradley M, 5F.

“After lunch we were given yellow cards and asked to complete lots of maths activities. My favourite activity was noughts and crosses, because it was fun and I’m fast at running so that made it even better for me.

I hope you had fun reading this!” – Ashton, 5F.

Both year 5 classes thoroughly enjoyed themselves and showed exemplary behaviour throughout the day. Well done year 5!

Mr D. Farry
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