This morning, the Year 3 children in 3F and 3S pulled together and put their culinary expertise to the test.  The children have been learning all about human and animal diets in Science and following on from this, they first researched on the Chromebooks, then designed a healthy meal, writing out an explicit instructional recipe text for a healthy ‘Apple and Raspberry Smoothie’.

The children were divided into groups of 5 and were given responsibilities which included: cutting apples, measuring milk and yogurts quantities, weighing raspberries on scales and even squeezing some lemons.  The children really enjoyed the preparation and making experience but annoying not many enjoyed the smoothie. “It’s too bitter” they said.  “Well that’s what real food tastes like minus the preservatives and sweeteners,” moaned Mr Farry as a retort : )

Still, some good life experiences and practical knowledge gained as well as fitting in some D&T into the curriculum!



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