On what has been a cold, wet and miserable day, it was great to receive this letter from a lovely lady who happened to be at the Science and Industry Museum at the same time as our year 4 children last week:


I hope you are well! I’m sorry I haven’t emailed sooner, I was waiting for an email back from the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester to find out the name of your school!

I was visiting the same day (11th May) as some of your school children and I wanted to say how well mannered, kind and polite they were! I was there with my two children who are 2 and 1 years old. The first place we went to was the Experiment level and my son charged into a group of school children in the building blocks area! They were absolutely amazing with him, they saw that he was little and they helped him pick up the big blocks and were smiling at him. My son, Parker was loving it – he hasn’t got any older siblings or older cousins and I think he loved running around with the older children! He came running back to me after about 5 minutes with a big smile on his face and signing the word ‘friends’.

When we met up with them again at the lifts, the stairs, the trains they all moved out of the way and had beautiful manners! It was fantastic to see such well behaved children who were so inquisitive and curious, running around in the Experiment hall eager to try anything and everything! They are a credit to your teachers and your school as a whole.

I have anxiety since having my two children and get nervous in busy places and at first I was a bit nervous being on my own with two small children but your school children were so amazing that they made my day even better!

So thank you, thank you for teaching your children such important values! You really don’t see it as often as you think! They should be very proud of themselves. I hope they had a fantastic time at the museum, it is one of my favourites in Europe – I think perhaps because I have such nice memories of it as a child!

Have an awesome day, Parker and Penelope send big hugs!

Liza Anne Stirling

You truly are a credit to the school year 4!

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