This week, the Year 5 children visited Burnley College for the day focusing on their D&T skills – To design and construct a belt with loops and pouches (for an explorer in the jungle).  They were split up into 3 groups and completed sessions on: Planning, Making and Marketing of the product.  They learnt basic ‘needle and sewing skills’ to help create their pouch, this was the session the children enjoyed most due to the practical nature of the session.  It was lovely to see the children get involved and looking at the photos it’s clear they thoroughly enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it.

Below is a recount from two Year 5 girls – Olivia Howarth Helliwell and Gracie McKendry:

On Tuesday 2nd May 2017, Year 5 (class 5F and 5FW) went on a trip to Burnley College. We set of at 10.45am, but it wasn’t the nicest ride because some people were travel sick (yuck!).  When we got there we got off the coach and said, ‘Thank you,’ to the coach driver. After that, we went into the dining room and had some snacks (apple, banana and oranges).  Then, we went to a room and designed our own tool belts but the belts we made were for the Amazon Rainforest.  When we finished that we drew a picture of the belts. Afterwards, we made an advertisement/poster for our belts. At midday, we went for our dinner.  We could not wait to see what our next activity was!!! When we finished our dinner, we went to the design room, it was fancy in there. There were beautiful dresses and lots of sowing machines. Then, the staff at Burnley College gave us some materials: needles, thread and paper clips. Next, she told us step by step how to do it, so we finished it. The lady said, ‘Goodbye’.  Finally, we got back on the bus and set off on our journey back to school.


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