Last Thursday (ALL DAY), the children in Year 6 had an Art immersion day.  They were completing their Collage Art Project linked to their Global theme for the Half Term, ‘Peach and Conflict’.

Mr. Farry managed to persuade & secure the artistic skills of Mrs. Lucas for the day.  She was thoroughly prepared and guided the children expertly throughout the day to produce lots of amazing pieces of artwork.

In the morning, the children learned about the history of The Huichol – people from the mountains of Mexico.  History, the Huichol used yarn painting as a method of communication.  The used symbols linked to their cultural beliefs.  Trying to replicate these techniques, the children used wool and range of different papers to create a collage linked to ‘Remembrance Day’ as a commemorative piece.

The children had a lovely day, thought provoking and enjoyed learning new art skills.



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