This morning, Class 5F performed the first class assembly of 2018.  Excited, yet full of trepidation, Class 5F shared with KS2 their knowledge of the Earth’s moon and its different phases in its orbit around our planet.  The phases include many tricky names and the children were delighted to challenge KS2 pupils and even staff – Mr Bunyan, an awkward silence : ) – on their knowledge of the moon cycles.  To wrap things up,  Class 5F bravely performed a jazzy dance (thank Mrs Mitchell) to the classic song from Clear Creedence Revival ‘Bad Moon Rising’.

Thank you to all the parents who came to support the children, it was lovely to see such a great turn out.

Well done 5F,  Mr Farry was very proud!

Mr D. Farry

Mr D. Farry

Hi my name is Mr. Farry, I am the new Year 5 teacher in Class 5W. I have a strong passion for Arts, Design and Technology and Languages. This often reflects in the classroom giving children opportunities to shine in subjects other than Maths and English.
Mr D. Farry

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