On Wednesday 3rd May, 4 pupils:  Lily Wynne, Shayne Howard, Cameron Petty and Owen Clough went on a trip to Park High for a quiz competition (general knowledge) against 5 different school in the region.  The other schools included:  Laneshaw Bridge, West Street, Lovel Street, Wheatly Lane and Blacko.  Astonishingly, we came first.  We scored ten points and had a lot of fun.  Generously, the Year 10s took us on a tour around most of the classes.  We are very proud to have won this competition representing our school and had a really fun morning out of class!

Lily Wynne 5FW.

Mr D. Farry

Hi, my name is Mr Farry and I’m a Year 5 teacher.After spending a few years at Park, I consider myself very much part of a great team in a great school.I am now the P.E coordinator, which is great as I am a very active person and love sport.This is reflected in my class, whereby I ensure the children receive lots of physical activity in a week.
Mr D. Farry

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