On Monday the children from Lomeshaye Primary School in Nelson came to visit our Year 3 classes. As part of the Building Bridges project, the children had already met each other at Primet Academy earlier in the year.

The children began with some art work drawing familiar buildings in Colne and Nelson. We put these onto a collage with a sun set in the background.  After a snack we used the chrome books to write a poem together based on Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem The British. We called our poem the ” Pendle Rap “. Finally the children from Park told the Lomeshaye children all about Adams Consequences. We then wrote an anti – violence pledge together.

We are looking forward to visiting Lomeshaye school in a few weeks time.

Mr J. Swarbrick

Since I graduated from university in 2012 I have worked in several schools and year groups including Park Primary’s Year 6, where I aided them with the lead up to their SATs. In September 2015 I began teaching in Year 2. Within the curriculum I have personal passion for Maths, History and Art. Outside of school my main passion is cricket where I’m the captain of the 2nd XI.
Mr J. Swarbrick

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