This week, the Year 1 bubbles have been learning all about growing things like: plants and vegetables.  They now know the important things that vegetables and plants need to grow such as: light, heat, time, food (soil nutrients) and WATER!

In class, the children completed a fun and engaging science experiment planning and preparing their very own ‘Cress-Eggheads’.

The children cracked, emptied and cleaned their egg shell with care.  Then they added damp tissue paper and cotton wool before adding the seeds on top.  These Cress-Eggheads were then popped back into the egg box and stored on the windowsill in class to receive that much needed daily sunlight.

After the experiment the children worked hard on their writing skills, describing the experiments in their Topic books.  Mr Ainsworth will be very pleased indeed with all this fantastic science work in KS1…


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