This afternoon, 5F completed a car wash in the Staff Car Park to raise money for a trip to a theatre production.  The children invited some parents and it was great to see them turn up and show their support, as well as leaving with a sparkling clean car!  Everyone worked really hard as you can see.  A special thanks to Mrs Mitchell who commanded the jetwash all afternoon as well as barking instructions to the children : )

Well done and thank you to all who donated; we raised £80 today, a very generous amount.  We will go again next Friday, 13.00 – 15.00.  If you’re interested, please contact the school and we can get you booked in.

Mr Farry

Mr D. Farry

Mr D. Farry

Hi my name is Mr. Farry, I am the new Year 5 teacher in Class 5W. I have a strong passion for Arts, Design and Technology and Languages. This often reflects in the classroom giving children opportunities to shine in subjects other than Maths and English.
Mr D. Farry

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