The weather Gods were kind to us today, blessing us with glorious sunshine for our sponsored walk. The KS2 children walked just over 5 kilometres in the glorious sunshine this morning, with KS1 having a slightly shorter stroll of around 3.5 kilometres in the afternoon.

This was done to kick off walk to school week, that begins on Monday, which is a week in which the importance of being physically active and healthy is focused on throughout school.

The walk was also an opportunity for the children to raise money for a heart defibrillator for school, a potentially life saving piece of equipment. The money raised will not officially be counted up fully until next Friday but early indications are that the children have raised a huge amount!

A big thank you to all the parent helpers that made the walk possible today and all the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, etc. that sponsored the children- it is very much appreciated!

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