Good Morning everyone,

Just a quick reminder that today is Burnley Science and Technology Colleges virtual Science festival. The day is all virtual, online at the link below between 10am and 3pm. As the weather is meant to turn a little showery it is the perfect opportunity to access some engaging activities, COOL SCIENCE and fun tricks.

The college hold a festival each year and are experienced in engaging children. This years festival is designed to be accessed at home, all you need to do is visit their website or facebook page between 10am and 3pm. Most of the equipment needed can be found around the home or in the kitchen.

1) visit the website above

2) select Biology, Chemistry or Physics

3) Flick through the experiments and choose the one that look most interesting,

4) gather the equipment using the information sheets and tune in at the specific times (some will have live video feeds).

5) Enjoy a day of science and send your class teachers photos of your day.

Please send any photos into your teachers on dojo’s and we can add the best to the school blog.

Have an wonderful day and stay safe,
Mr Ainsworth

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