With Christmas just around the corner, children up and down the country have been extremely busy writing their Christmas lists for Santa! Here are some of the books that many of our children are hoping to be getting for Christmas, and here is what our school’s Reading Ambassadors have to say about them:

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (JK Rowling)

“All of Year 5 have read ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ this term and it’s been amazing- much better than I imagined! A few children in our class have got the second book in the series- as it’s currently half price at ASDA for £4- or asked to get it for Christmas and, although I’m only on chapter 4 at the moment, I would definitely recommend it and look forward to reading all the Harry Potters now!”  (Minnie, 5T)

 The Bookshop Girl (Sylvia Bishop)

“The story starts with a girl found in a cupboard! She goes on to live in a bookshop…but can’t actually read! She goes on many adventures with her friend, Elliot, and it’s really funny! I’m near the end of the book now and can’t wait to see how it ends.” (Emily, 5T)

King Coo (Adam Stower)

“It’s all about a boy called Ben who’s on the run from his arch-enemy, Monty, through a jungle! To escape them, he comes up with many inventions. I haven’t finished reading it yet and, normally, I don’t like reading but this has been a great book so far!” (Oscar, 5T)

Beetle Queen (M.G Leonard)

“I’ve just started reading this and so far it’s been great! So far, a cruel lady, called Lucretia, is trying to create a dress out of beetles. The good characters- Darkus, Virginia and Bertolt- are trying to stop her and, at the moment, I don’t know if they’re going to succeed.” (Ella, 5T)

Matt Millz (Harry Hill)

“I’m also reading Matt Millz at the moment and it is so funny! It’s written by Harry Hill, who presents ‘You’ve Been Framed’, and it’s all about a young buy who’s trying to become a stand-up comedian.” (Ella, 5T)

Sky Song (Abi Elphinstone)

“This is a magical story all about an Ice Queen who captures people to steal their voices! She really wants to capture the main character voice , Eska, because she thinks it’s beautiful but, so far, she hasn’t managed to get it. I can’t wait to read on and find out if she’s successful.” (Olivia, 5T)

Genius. Codebreaker. Hunted. William Wenton (Bobbie Peers)

“At the start of the story, we meet William, who is a codebreaker- tasked with solving impossible puzzles. Throughout the story, he goes on many adventures to try and break codes and stop the bad guys.” (Arron, 5T)

The Nothing To See Here Hotel (Steven Butler)

“This is a really funny book all about a weird hotel that is home to lots of magical creatures! Iv’e just got to the part where a messenger has come, informing them of the arrival of Prince Grogbah (a goblin) and they must get ready for the arrival of the important guest.” (Stephen, 5T)

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