What a GREAT and exhausting day it has been for our children. Early this morning, before school even started, a handful of very helpful Year 6 children helped Mr Farry and Mr Aspin set up the field for the KS2 Sports Day followed in the afternoon by the KS1 Sports Day.

There was a carousel of x8 activities for the KS2 part: skipping, circuits, football, egg & spoon, wheel barrow, hurdles, tyres and the classic three legged race…

The children spent 10 energetic minutes on each before moving onto the year group races which is always the entertaining part!  The Year 3 girls and boys were up first, followed by Year 4, 5 and then 6.  There were some cracking races, with some boys actually diving over the finish lines to try to win…

Next up was the adult races: the Mum’s race was a non-runner (must’ve been too slippy after a brief rainy patch!); the Dad’s race was a cracker – realllllly fast runners; the women’s staff race was won by Miss Ellis from 6F and finally the men’s staff race was won by Mr Farry who JUST pipped Mr Thomson to the line (too much bulk compared to Mr Farry’s severe lack of bulk).

The KS1 was a similar affair with a carousel of 6 activities followed by the races.  It was lovely to see the little ones so happy and energetic. They are so polite, innocent and honest. When it came to the races, the Reception children sprinted to the finish line and then stopped before touching the line, bless them : ) so cute.

Miss Fletcher won the women’s staff race, with a few teachers chasing her tail BUT there was no men’s race as Mr Ainsworth feigned injury OR simply didn’t fancy running on his own perhaps…

Amazing Day, well done to all and THANK YOU parents for all your support – AND the parents who were selling snacks at the side raising money for charity!

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