This morning, the School Council hosted a very important assembly linking Road Safety and Physical Activity.  We had some special visitors (County Councilor Turner and Suzi – a representative from Safe & Healthy Travel) to launch a brand new scheme in Lancashire promoting parking away from the school within 5 and 10 minute ‘WalkZones’ and walking your child to school.  The councilors explained the dangers with cars driving in and around school drop off points with yellow zigs zags but also how a 5 minute walk can promote a healthy chat with parents and carers benefiting speech and language.  The children watched a humorous video that also explained from children’s perspective how daunting and dangerous school zones can be when over congested with traffic.  Please take the time to view the link with your child again!

A special thanks to the School Councilors for leading this scheme within our school and hopefully it will make the desired impact!


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