Seven lucky Year Five children were treated to a writing workshop with children’s author Colin Parsons! The creator of the ‘Wizards’ Kingdom’ trilogy and ‘The Curious World’ series spent a full day with our children, guiding them in creating their very own adventure stories.

Megan, 5F, said,”We met Colin Parsons and, although his jokes were terrible, he was really good at making our writing better! I bought his book, D.I.S.C, and can’t wait to read it!”

Ella, 5T, said,”His books are amazing! It was really interesting hearing how he comes up with his ideas. I can’t believe he started writing stories at the age of seven! It makes me want to become an author as well.”

Mr J. Thompson

My name is Mr Thompson and I am the class teacher in year 5 as well as the PE subject leader. This is going to be my second year teaching at Park and it is one that I am really looking forward to. Away from the classroom, I enjoy socialising with friends, going to the gym and taking part in a variety of sports.
Mr J. Thompson

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