The Badgers and Hedgehogs were delighted to have a visit from our local PCSOs Aisla and Karen this afternoon. We spoke about lots of different topics that the children initiated themselves.  The children were told about the importance of child seats in cars and that all children in Reception should have one. One little girl asked about Police Dogs and the jobs that they do and one boy explained that he thought cats might be able to do the same jobs as the dogs (you never know, maybe in the future!) One little boy asked “How do you become a Policeman”. The ladies explained that you must ensure that you behave both at home and at school and that you can join the ‘Cadets’ when you are old enough before going on to University in the future.

PSCO Aisla and Karen both explained that not only do they catch ‘the bad guys’, they are there to protect us and the local community and that if you are ever lost or in need of help, they are there. A huge thank you to Aisla and Karen for visiting us this afternoon and letting us find out lots of information.


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