After school on Monday 29th April, Park’s Year 5’s (and Nicole) Girls Netball team took part in a B-team event at Pendle Vale College. The girls have been training for this event all of Spring term… The team was very organised, determined and eager to play!

This definitely showed in all of their games. The first game ended with a 2-0 win for Park. The tables turned in the second game, unfortunately we ended up losing 2-0. In our final two games we really started to get into the swing of things! First it was a massive 6-1 win for Park and then finally we came up against Lord street and finished the event with a 3-0 win for Park.

I would like to thank any parents that came to support the girls and I would also like to say a massive “WELL DONE!” To Park’s Girls Netball team.


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