Park’s girls played three matches in the Semi-finals of the Colne Cricket League, on Monday during school time; Wheatley Lane, Marsden and Sacred Heart.

They started off well, winning their first match 273-227! Just as the second match began it started to rain. Playing Marsden the girls showed great resilience and persevered throughout the game to a second win (257-229).

This left it all to play for in the final match against Sacred Heart. Both teams had won their previous two games and the winner went through to the final. The rain stopped and play commenced. Both teams played amazingly scoring some excellent 4’s and even a few 6’s!

The scores came in… The first team ‘248 points’ but tonight’s winners with a massive ‘266 points’…  PARK!!!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs. Mitchelle who transported the children to and from the event and supported the girls along the way. Let’s not forget a massive ‘Well done!’ To our girls, now let’s get ready for the final this afternoon!!!

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