Last night, at the Burnley Mechanics, the Park Dance team children from KS2 completed their dance routine on the main stage in front of an audience (probably their first ever experience of such a thing for many of them including Mr. Farry).

In typical Park fashion, ‘our children pulled it outa the bag!’  They were so nervous after a wobbly dress rehearsal, due to the smaller stage, but went to the dressing room, had some pizza, applied some face-paint, prettied up some hair and voila!
Their main performance was amazing – as you will see!
Here are websites for photos and videos which are now working, they look so good!
Please note both websites will need a password: bur21

Mr. Farry is still recovering after the ordeal, as you can see from one of the group photos, he’s aged considerably, in just one night, cheers girls : )  Also a special thanks to Miss Ellis and Miss Fletcher for their assistance during the evening, behind any good man there always a good woman or two in this case…

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