On Wednesday after-school at Pendle Vale, eight girls from Year 5 & 6 competed in the final round of the Netball Crystal League. Once again, they showed amazing progress as they won 2 of their 3 matches (2-1 and 3-0). We don’t know their final position in the league yet, but we will hopefully have this information soon.

The Year 6 girls (Connie, Tia, Carla and Yvie) worked incredibly hard and scored impressive goals against some very tall defenders. They also demonstrated their ability to work together as a team and support each other and the Year 5 girls, which was lovely to see. We also saw their slightly aggressive side, as they were determined to make sure they caught the ball and grab it before their defender.

The Year 5 girls (Lily, Alivia, Mara and Faye) also worked as a great team with the Year 6s and put in 100% effort throughout. Their self-confidence has clearly improved and this will only increase once they reach Year 6. They never stopped running and moving into space and played brilliantly against other Year 6 teams. Mara was awarded Park’s player of the day, as she continued to defend, jump, sprint, throw, catch and shoot and never gave up.

It was a surprise to the girls when they realised they had won 2 of their games, but their faces lit up with pride and happiness. It was a pleasure to watch them play the best Netball I’ve seen them play and they thoroughly deserved the results after working incredibly hard at training.

Amazing job girls, well done!


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