Some of Year Five children were extremely fortunate to meet some of the countries top children’s authors today! At a multi-author event hosted by Burnley Football Club and organised by The Pendle Reading Challenge, ten of our children got to take part in lots of different activities and pick the brains of their favourite authors. Here is what Krista and Skylar had to say:

Today, 5 children from each Year 5 class went to a workshop at Turf Moor, Burnley F.C.

The children were very excited to meet 3 separate authors.  The first Author (Katefes) had rainbow hair and has  published 2 books: ‘Beauty Sleep’ and ‘More of Me’.

All the kids enjoyed themselves.  Then we went to see Steve Cole.  He played the ukulele!  He has published lots of alien books including: Stop Those Monsters and Aliens Stink…

Next the kids had a dinner break followed by a visit to ‘Spoz’ – a poet – who taught the children a rap about chocolate. There were lots of giggles!

Finally, we walked around the Burnley F.C. stadium; we looked in lots of rooms, including the changing rooms and the dugouts!

What a fabulous day we all had!

A big well done to all those children that took part, Mrs Barry said you were a credit to the school😊

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