Yesterday, me and 5 of my friends went on a little trip to McDonald’s because we had been reading 4 times a week and doing spellings and timetables every weekend. Me (Tia), Rhys H and Leah went from 5F and Maisie, Darius and Keira went from 5T. We all had a great time there and it was really fun.                                                                                                                               One of the key parts about it was that a little boy about 5 or 6 was making us all laugh because he was coming out with random funny comments and doing silly things. I think everyone really enjoyed their dinner. Overall, I thought it as a great treat to have and i’m sure everyone else thought the same.

Thank you to all the staff that took us 6 lucky children – Mr Farry, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Bartlett – I fully enjoyed the experience!

By Tia Bevis – 5F student.

P.S Great Lunch.






Mr D. Farry

Mr D. Farry

Hi my name is Mr. Farry, I am the new Year 5 teacher in Class 5W. I have a strong passion for Arts, Design and Technology and Languages. This often reflects in the classroom giving children opportunities to shine in subjects other than Maths and English.
Mr D. Farry

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