After-school on Tuesday, 13 Year 6 boys and girls represented Park in an Indoor Athletics Event. Straight after-school, we traveled (in the horrible weather) up to Park High School.

Park’s team have been practicing/training for this event in their P.E. lessons and this definitely showed in their performance! They where excellent!!! The event consisted of 2 field events ‘Field A’ and ‘Field B’… Determined! Park’s boys and girls give it their best shot in the field events and showed some brilliant perseverance in the activities. This was quickly followed with a boys and a girls long distance and short distance race, all schools then finished competing in a ‘Full team relay’ first boys and finally girls.

Park’s team finished in a fantastic 4th place! I would like to ‘Thank’ all of the parents who came to support and I would like to say a massive ‘Well done!’ to Park’s Year 6 Athletics team, you made us proud guys!

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