Today, our Year 3 children had some special visitors from Lomeshaye.  The Year 3 children from Lomeshaye Primary School, Nelson spent the full day at Park as part of the Building Bridges programme that several schools within the district are engaging with.  A fantastic programme embracing cross community work and learning.

Linking into one of our new Global themes, as part of our exciting new curriculum, the children spent to day completing fun activities learning about what Identity and Diversity is and how important it is, especially in modern day life.  The children read a lovely picture novel together, both sad and enthralling, precisely linked to today’s theme, luckily it had a HAPPY ending!

The children were encouraged to find new friends and find out lots of facts about their new friends.  Lots of productive and interesting conversations were had and new things learnt about different cultures from within each school.

Thank you to the children and staff at Lomeshaye, Park have thoroughly enjoyed your visit and you were a credit to your school, the children conducted themselves wonderfully!


Mr D. Farry
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