Today, the new Spanish Club commenced with children from Years 4, 5 and 6 logging on to the ‘Duolingo’ website.  This language specialist program aims to help language enthusiasts learn a language from any level.  As can be seen, the children were fully engaged in the program, they can continue to access the website through their new school log in details to keep them busy at home!  A special thanks to Mr Bunyan who got all the children’s log-ins set up and introduced the club.

Hasta la semana que viene ninos

Snr Bunyan y Snr Farry

Mr D. Farry

Hi, my name is Mr Farry and I’m a Year 5 teacher.After spending a few years at Park, I consider myself very much part of a great team in a great school.I am now the P.E coordinator, which is great as I am a very active person and love sport.This is reflected in my class, whereby I ensure the children receive lots of physical activity in a week.
Mr D. Farry

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