Today was a special day at Park Primary, we had some very important guests all the way from the west coast (Liverpool) teaching the children how to play a nationwide up-and-coming sport ‘Quidditch’.

Yes, that’s right, it was ‘Harry Potter Day’ whereby the children, as well as having a 30 minutes Quidditch session taught to them by Quidditch experts, participated in a range of activities throughout the day linked the wizards and witches and all sorts of Harry Potter type things.

The Year 5s are actually reading the Philosopher’s Stone this half term in English (lucky stars).  The infants and KS1 children were making lots of arts and crafts.  The Year 3, 4 & 6s even managed to link Harry Potter into their maths lessons.

The children had an absolutely fabulous time and were completely engaged throughout the day.  A massive thank you to everyone (staff and the children) who made the day a very special and memorable one for Park Primary!



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