Week 2 of Friday fishing got off to an amazing start. Not only was the weather beautiful the children managed to catch at least 3 fish within the first 10-15 minutes of them casting out!

With Ewan’s first attempt of the day he managed to catch himself a little Chub, straight after that though Tyler pops up with a lovely Perch. Moments later Tom decided he’d like to jump in on the act and caught himself quite a big whooper (F1 Carp).

Tyler then decided he wanted to put himself in the running for the most fish caught of the day and landed himself another F1 Carp putting him at 1st place on the leader board! After many, many attempts and changing of different baits and throwing different maggots into the water to try and attract the fish Lucas finally caught his first fish (F1 Carp) which he was absolutely over the moon with.

All the children were ex tactic that they had all managed to catch one fish if not more and have set themselves a challenge for next week to catch even more!!!

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