After-school on Tuesday, an eager team of Year 4’s got the chance to go to Pendle Vale College and take part in a Dodge-ball Event. The event consisted of 10 teams split up into 2 groups. In both groups there were 5 teams, that meant we would play 4 matches against 4 different teams. When each game ended both teams were awarded points for winning or taking part. As an added bonus, the referees would also choose the team at the end that had been the most honest in their game and they would receive extra points added to the table.

Overall, all of the teams at the event played tremendously and most importantly everybody had a great time and lots of fun! At the end, all the teams got together and had an awards ceremony. Each team stepped up to to receive their certificates and find out which place they finished in overall. 5th, 4th and 3rd all came out and it was down to the final two!!!.. ‘In 1st place with the most amount of points awarded for honesty……. PARK!’.

I would like to thank all of the parents who came to support and I would also like say a massive WELL DONE to our ‘Honest Dodge-ballers!’.

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