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Mrs L. Berry
Mrs L. Berry - Teacher

I qualified as a teacher in 1992 with a B’ED (hons) degree from Manchester Polytechnic. Shortly after I joined Park. I have spent most of my career teaching reception class and more recently Year 1. I am currently coordinator for Art and Design & Technology, subjects that I love. I enjoy bringing creativity into my teaching and into the classroom.
At the weekends I enjoy spending time with my son and new puppy who keeps me very busy.

Email: l.berry@colnepark.lancs.sch.uk

Mrs L. Foat
Mrs L. Foat - Teaching Assistant

Hi, I am Mrs Foat and I am a teaching assistant at Park Primary and have been for nine years. I enjoy working with all age groups very much.

All my own children are grown and have flown the nest so this gives me time to enjoy my hobby which is anything to do with arts and crafts such as painting pictures to knitting. Currently, I am making ribbon roses.

Class 1BWelcome to year 1Bs very own web page where you will find lots of exciting class news and pictures.

This year you will have lots of opportunities to celebrate your learning with your family and friends by reading our very own class page.

We will be having a very busy year with lots of exciting activities to look forward to.

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In this section you will find more detailed overview documents that you may download. The documents tell you about the exciting topics the children will be learning about on a term by term basis.

Y1 Curriculum Overview
Curriculum Newsletter Year 1 - Summer 1
Year 1 - Spring Term 2 overview for parents
Year 1 Spring Term 1 Curriculum Overview
Y1 Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Overview
Y1 Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Overview
    Class 1BReading is the one of the most important skills we learn in Year 1. Reading unlocks all our other learning. We read daily in class as part of groups, on our own or with our friends.

    It is also very important that the children read regularly at home.This can be reading books we send home or favourite books and magazines. The library is also a great place to borrow a variety of books.

    We aim to foster a love of reading in all we do and hope you can support that at home.

    Books are changed in school Monday, Wednesday and Friday please make sure books are returned on these days.

    Class 1BWriting really begins to develop in Year 1. We try to make this fun and creative.

    Writing takes place daily and is done in many ways from handwriting practice, grammar and punctuation, guided writing and independent pieces.

    Writing is linked to our topics and takes place in all subject areas.

    We use Talk for Writing that encourages the children to learn structures for writing in a fun way.This includes both fiction and non fiction writing that are covered every half term.

    Phonics is an important way to develop writing and children take part in daily phonics sessions.

    Spellings are given out in phonics groups on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Below are also spellings the children are expected to know before the end of year 1.

    These are statutory word lists provided by the government and children must learn to read and spell the words below.


    Class 1BIn year1 we work on numbers to one hundred, addition ,subtraction, shape, space and measures.

    Wherever possible lessons are practical and fun. We encourage children to problem solve to deepen understanding of mathematical concepts.

    Real life challenges are given to practise maths with meaning and how to show how maths is used in daily situations.

    Children also take part in mini maths sessions three times a week practising counting in 2s 5s and 10s,  number bonds and number formation.

    P.E. promotes opportunities for children to be creative, co-operative and competitive and to face up to different challenges both as individuals and in groups.

    As part of our commitment to health and well-being we also take part in a daily run around our school grounds.

    In our class we do P.E. on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  Please make sure all jewellery, including earrings, are removed on P.E. days. If your child has recently had their ears pierced, please send your child to school with plasters covering up their earrings. 

    Please could you ensure that your child brings his/her named P.E. kit – this includes t-shirt, shorts and pumps, in a small bag to be left in school throughout the week.


    All classes taken by class teacher unless highlighted.

    Class 1BPlease read with your child nightly checking they understand the story.  Can they stop half way through and predict the end, can they say what type of characters are in the story and why they think that? Also as mentioned in the maths section it’s really important that our children become really confident with their counting and number recognition, a skill they need to practice whenever possible to gain speed and fluency.

    Extra things you can do to get involved are:

    • Grow some plants or vegetables talking about each part of the plant and how it develops.
    • Go to the library and borrow different books which the children show an interest in.
    • Practise writing stories using fantastic new ideas and words.
    • Talk about time during the day, what time is lunch time, bed time, etc?
    • Regularly asking the children about what they are learning about in their topic and linking arts and crafts activities towards it.


    Spelling Homework Year 1


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    Maths Homework Year 1

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