Over the last five weeks, Year five (class 5F and 5FW) have been taking part in a healthy eating programme run by Burnley FC.  Everyone who took part was always excited for the following week’s planned activities.  In this programme we learnt lots of interesting things.

  • The five food groups which are fruit/veg, carbohydrates, protein, fats and dairy.
  • The importance of sugar and where sugar is?  Natural sugars and added sugars.
  • The importance of hydration and how much water we should drink.
  • Snack swapping – swapping unhealthy snacks for healthy snacks.

Working with the coaches was lots of fun and we all really enjoyed it.  A big thank you to Sam and Charlotte for all the things we have learnt and also for the extra exercise we received (the bleep test was tough)!  Oh, also thanks for our certificates!!!

Ebony Wynne and Lu Lu Nield (5F).

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