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At Park Primary we take the children on numerous educational and fun trips and outings that supplement the learning topics they are covering. Recently Year 4 went to Burnley College to work with the Design & Technology specialists and students there.

We also have visits from other professionals from the sporting and creative world including Authors to talk to our pupils. We recently had Steven Burke a gold medal winning Olympic Cyclist recently returned from Rio to visit Year 3.

On this page we will provide a selection only of the varied activities the children will participate in.

The event list shows the planned Trips or Visits if any are occurring during the current month. You can go back or forward in the calendar to see all trip and visits planned for the year.

Upcoming Trips or Visits

october, 2021

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Year 4 Design & Technology trip to Burnley College
Year 4 pupils went to Burnley College today on an educational trip related to our work on Design & Technology. The pupils enjoyed themselves very much and were excited to take part in a practical design class making torches.

Year 6 Eden Camp Museum Trip - Malton, North Yorkshire
As part of our work on the Second World War, Year Six enjoyed a full day at the Eden Camp Museum in North Yorkshire learning about many different aspects of the war. We wandered through the themed huts experiencing the sights, sounds and smells(!) of the period, whilst looking for answers to questions in our activity packs.

Year 5 Trip to Ingleborough cave - Ingleborough, North Yorkshire
Pupils undertook a supervised exploration of the magnificent cave system situated near Clapham below Ingleborough hill. Pupils wrote a blog article about their experience.

Year 3 Olympic Gold Medal Winner Steven Burke visit
Year 3 had the pleasure of a surprise visitor this week. Olympic gold medal winner Steven Burke returned to his old primary school to talk to the children about his achievements.

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