Yesterday, as the children arrived at school they were amazed to find a pile of bags and suitcases in the middle of the playground, surrounded by official police tape! Where had they come from? Why were they there? No-one knew!

Then teachers found letters in their classrooms from Sergeant Midgwood of the CID, asking us to claim the bags and saying that they had come from Manchester Airport and were addressed to our school!  The bell rang, police sirens wailed and we were all summoned to the playground, where we found two cross looking police ladies waiting for us.

Each year group were asked to collect their case and we all carefully opened them to discover………. lots of clues about this half term’s learning as well as a tricky challenge to solve. The pupils at Park Primary are always up for a challenge!


We will keep you posted on how we get on with our challenges!

Mrs Hargreaves

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