Today, the Year 6s ended their tough SATs week with a splendid day out at Wycoller.  The boys and girls left early after Celebration assembly, first walking to Ballgrove Park where they had a little break (play in the park) for 30 minutes.  They set off again and followed the river all the way to Wycoller – where they trudged up the final hill to end in the local Forest School for lunch.  After devouring their food, they played and explored a little around the woodland before heading back down to the picnic site at Wycoller to feed the ducks in a pretty little bond.

It was soon time to pack up for the return leg; a few children started to flag towards the end, but to be fair the children had clocked up 7.5 miles by the time they returned to school.  A super fun day out and the children will definitely sleep tonight!  You’re welcome parents : )

Well done for all your focus and hard work during the SATs week children, you should be proud!


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