This week, the VERY lucky Year 3s have been visiting Harwes Farm, Trawden in small groups of 14 children each day, all day, all week!

The outdoor visit has proven a MEGA hit with the kids and adults that have visited.  It’s an understatement  to suggest the children have enjoyed themselves.  The have had such action packed adventures in their day itinerary, it’s difficult to know where to begin, but I will try!

First, it’s feeding (and chasing) the poor chickens, all previous battery house chickens and rehomed.

Next, collecting the daily eggs left in the Chicken Coop and safely storing them for Gill’s dinner!

After the chickens, the children move on to the sheep, here they watch, at a  good vantage point, as they are being fed by Gill and then come up for a quick stroke or pat on the head, and then run off bleating…

With the sheep sorted, focus turns to x2 great wind turbines in the fields that provide enough renewable electricity for up to x50 homes, including, of course, the farm itself.  The children have a close scrutiny and get a little dizzy looking up and a little frightened looking inside the dark and hollow turbines with lots of strange echoes…

Following this, the kids go for a stroll towards the local woodland and find a Teepee.  They go in to investigate, have a snack as they are always hungry, then do a bit of tree climbing.

More time passes and the children delve deeper into the woodland to find another tent and forest school arrangement with a firepit and lots of other goodies.  After a safety briefing, they children explore; they find hammocks, rope swings, 200 year old gnarly oak trees and busy themselves for an hour, playing, climbing, swinging, rocking, screaming and having FUN!

Too many calories burned and it’s lunch time, packed lunch, followed by heated marsh-mellows and biscuits, stuck together like a mini sugar sandwich, yum yum.

Wait, there’s more… Lunch barely has time to settle and they’re off playing again, but quickly called back in to do some songs and music by the camp fire, guitars and many more percussion instruments involved, the children making a right racket, what a melody : )

To finish it all off, short story telling and making crowns from willow by intertwining it.

Phew, and relax… What an itinerary, we’ll all need the week off at half term to recover.

Thank you so much to Gill and Pete from Harwes Farm who made every day a special and unforgettable one for the children.  Please view their webpage and spread the word, what a brilliant local facility and resource for outdoor education.

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