Today, Park kicked off this year’s sports clubs with the traditionally very popular Cross Country Club.  It was lovely to see year groups gathering together again to participate in sport, and what an amazing opening turn out it proved to be.  There were no less than 45 children that attended after school, keen as beavers to getting running, despite the very hot weather!

Mr Thompson lead the way from school up and down past the steep Colne Cemetery and along Colne Water, with some children already reconsidering their decision to join the club.  Poor Miss Fletcher was cracking the whip at the rear to make sure the children got back to school in time for collection : )

Even though, some of the children found the going tough, they were still smiling at the end with their faces beaming from the sun!  Such resilient little troopers we have at Park!

Let’s see if we have no less than 45 next week…

Mr D. Farry
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