On Friday we did our class assembly about Mr Weir. As we had been writing biographies, we decided to do some research about Mr Weir and tell the rest of the school.

Mr Weir is retiring at Christmas and has worked at Park for 29 years. We found out he was previously a joiner and also belonged to the Fire Service for 30 years. During our assembly we showed lots of old photographs about his life. We also filmed some of the teachers talking about some of the tricks he had played on them! We especially enjoyed learning the Scottish national anthem which brought a tear to his eye!

Lots of people will miss Mr Weir and we wish him a Happy Retirement.

Class 3T

Mrs J. Turner

I have been teaching at Park for over twenty six years – I may have taught some of your parents! I have spent many years teaching in Key Stage 1 but more recently in Year 5 and 6, and now Year 3. I am also Assistant Head Teacher and SENCo. This means I manage the Inclusion Team and Special Educational Needs at Park Primary School.
Mrs J. Turner

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