Mrs Wildman and Miss Warbrick arrived in Kenya on Thursday morning AT 5.30AM and jumped straight into a day at the bridging school* unpacking and sorting through all of the resources that had been generously donated.

Here you can see all the members of Mission Possible 3 with all 24 suitcases and 8 huge handbags!

*The bridging school is a catholic school run by Salesian Sisters FMA for children that have never been or have fallen out of education due to lack of funds or other problems. The school helps to get children ready for their entry exam back into main stream school. The money raised by the charity helps sponsor the children allowing them to pay to return to school. The bridging school has 38 children at the minute however children arrive alone daily, from the age of 2, asking for food and to join in at school.

The whole centre was designed with the children’s Mamas in mind as the sisters believe “If you educate the Mamas you educated the children”. The Mamas are taught a trade and given the opportunity to earn an income and sustain their families. The Mamas were very grateful for all the underwear donated for themselves and their children.

Here you can see a child wearing one of the many donated hats (knitted by Miss Warbrick’s Granny) and the Mama’s workshop under the bridging school.

Friday 24th May

Friday was a Salesian feast day meaning that the school was open for all the children and families in the area to come together for a big celebration. Miss Warbrick persevered with face painting and Mrs Wildman was in charge of entertainment! The children had a fantastic day!

Saturday 25th May

Mission Possible spent the day at Maria Romero Nairobi Girls Children’s Home. The children made beaded headbands, angel keyrings, cake-pops, popcorn, bookmarks and had their faces painted! Some of the children at Park would be surprised to know that the children of all ages wash and fold all their own clothes every day! Their beds and wardrobes were pristine.


The children even sweep and tidy their classrooms before they leave! Miss Warbrick and Mrs Wildman are considering starting this at Park!

Here are the classroom brooms!

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